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SEO,JSON-LD,SCHEMA is an app that enables Rich Snippets for your store, products, product reviews, blog articles and social media profiles.It allows search engines to add snippets of information to its search results which will make your store standout from the rest.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are structured data markup that allow search engines to better understand what information is contained in your store, products . An example would be price information, how many product reviews your product has and what are the overall rating counts, etc

What are the benefits of enabling Rich Snippets?

There are numerous benefits of enabling Rich Snippets such as:-
  • Eye catching results
  • Potential CTR increase
  • Providing 'quality' results
  • Increased rankings
  • Product reviews in search results

What are your Monthly Charges?

We have two plans .$9.99 ( For basic Shopify) and $14.99 ( for rest)

How can I install your application?

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!

How long will it take for Rich Snippets to show in search engine results?

It can take several weeks, sometimes up to 11 weeks for search engines to analyse your Rich Snippets and index them into its search results. Though there is no definite time frame.

What is Schema?

Schema is an advanced markup code added to your website. Websites with Schema are easier for search engines and other crawlers to index, meaning it’s easier for them to understand the content of your store, and serve it to more relevant people.
Studies show that adding Schema to your website can increase your organic click-throughs.
It also adds rich content to your website, which means elements like product reviews or descriptions can also show up in search results.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is a lightweight Linked Data format to easily read and write structured data on the web using open vocabularies like schema.org. Recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, JSON-LD is the heir of the JSON format and allows linked data to operate in a Web-scale environment