How to create Breadcrumb for your store pages?

Want to have a clean and Clear breadcrumb design on your store for easy navigation from page to page? Here is how you can do that.
ex-ProductHere are the simple steps that you need to follow:
  • Upgrade your Free app to a Premium app (Schema PRO).
  • Login to your Webrex SEO app. You will be directed to the Home Page. There is a section of Effortless Breadcrumb design Click on Go to Breadcrumb.
  • Now Click on Design Breadcrumb.
  • Once done, this will direct you to the editor on your Shopify admin. You need to select the page from the drop-down option given at the top (ex. Product)
  • Now you can add a section and search for breadcrumbs.
Now, In order to configure the design settings, you need to click on Breadcrumb on the left panel under the app section that you added before. And put the value for the input field asked
  • First Item text: Put the text that you want your breadcrumb to start from.
  • Container Class: This means the page- width. That means from where the content is written.
  • Separate Symbol: This is used to differentiate between the categories that you have created for your breadcrumb.
  • Align: You can use this for the alignment of the breadcrumb on your storefront like if you want the breadcrumb on the Left, Centre, or Right.
  • Padding ( Top, Right, Bottom, Left ): This option is used to set space between the breadcrumb created.
  • Space Between: This is used to create spaces between the categories created on the breadcrumb and the separator.
  • Main Colour: You can change the color of the text.
  • Separator color: You can change the color of the separator you have chosen.
  • Link hover Colour: This is used to apply color on the link hover.
Once done hit " SAVE" present at the top right corner of your Shopify admin. If you have any questions please do reach out at [email protected]